Chamomille German Oil

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This oil is steam distilled from the flowers of wild crafted Matricaria recutita, also known as Chamomilla matricaria.  Though the names are similar, the German variety is significantly different from the Chamomile Cape and Chamomile Roman essential oils. With the highest content of chamazulene, Chamomile German Essential Oil is the bluest of all the Chamomile’s, and that higher content of chamazulene, makes it the most anti-inflammatory, for the same reason.  Chamomile German Essential Oil is the only, of the Chamomile’s, that contains alpha-bisabolol, one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory, and soothing agents. German Chamomile increases regeneration of the skin making it a perfect natural remedy for itchy skin, eczema and dermatitis.  It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and is nourishing to itchy skin.     This oil excels at treating all sorts of dry, itchy, and flaky skin problems.  

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