Jojoba Oil

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This oil is very similar in composition to human natural skin oils. It penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it, and softens and moisturizes mature and dry skin. Jojoba helps to heal inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis or any form of dermatitis, and also helps control acne, soothing and restoring elasticity to the skin. Though it may sound alarming to put an oil on your skin if you already have a problem with oily skin, jojoba oil can help regulate the amount of sebum (what you see as oil) your skin makes, balancing the oil production. Jojoba oil is a natural cure for eczema which is caused due to lack of moisture. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing redness caused by dryness and other skin condition like rosacea. It is non comedogenic, so even though it has the word oil in its name, it does not clog pores and it keeps the skin supple and well moisturized.

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