Sun Protection

IGY – Sunscreen and Nourishing Cream

Even amidst the controversy surrounding the use of sunscreen, it is still a significant part of your skin nourishment for healthier skin. While most people have used it for most of their lives, there are a few who still feel it is a cumbersome task to keep reapplying it regularly. It is important to note that the benefits outweigh the daily task of applying it. Luckily, IGY has natural products, which comes devoid of all the grease and toxic chemicals. You can still achieve your desirable silky skin without the need for expensive chemical-treated solutions. The most important thing here is that this natural product boosts skin health by nourishment.

Things to note
Before applying different chemicals on your body; it is important to note some things about facial skin care. The skin on your face, for example, is not like the rest of the body. Instead, it is thinner and more sensitive. When exposed to extreme weather, it is vulnerable to damage especially from ultra-violet rays, or extremely cold air. The skin, therefore, requires a lot of protection and care with the appropriate sunscreen. With advanced technology, IGY introduces better solutions to sunscreen to improve skin conditions.

Many people are often at risk of major damage while spending most of the day during holidays in the summer sun. Hottest summers have the highest risk of damage to tourists so take care while you enjoy the warm rays. You need to keep your face moisturized and healthy so you can withstand this risk. Application of sunscreen should, therefore, be as often as daily to stay away from any damage the sun may inflict. The IGY alternative to sunscreen shields your face from harmful UV rays which are responsible for
• Reduced elasticity
• Increased wrinkling
• A variety of pigment disorders
• The risk of skin cancer

Overall Health
If you have your skin exposed and spend most of your time out in the sun, sunscreen should be part of your self-care routine. During the hottest summers, the UV rays penetrate the thick clouds and penetrate your skin. This means you are always vulnerable to damaged skin if you leave your skin exposed. Daily use of IGY sunscreen and nourishing cream has proven to prevent melanoma, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation reports. There is over 50% reduction in Skin Cancer, which is a lot of evidence. Remember, you need to apply IGY sunscreen cream at least 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. The best way would be to apply it just after a shower so you will not forget or find it a cumbersome chore!