MSM = Methylsulfonylmethane = Needed Sulfur

MSM is a naturally occurring, sulfur compound found in plants, fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. It is a naturally occurring compound in the human body as well, although the body’s production of it does tend to diminish as we age. MSM taken internally or applied topically supplies sulfur to the body and skin which allows it to heal and regenerate itself. It’s water-soluble, making it easy to dissolve in non-oil liquids. It’s molecular structure makes it easy to absorb into tissue and through the skin. MSM helps skin heal from the inside out, reduces inflammation and bacteria, is gentle, easily absorbed and helps carry nutrients to the deep layers of skin on a molecular level. MSM has been reported to eliminate wrinkles, brown spots, skin tumors and spider veins. It contributes to healthy skin, hair and nail by feeding into the body’s formation of collagen and elastin, which is what keeps skin resilient and youthful. In other words, it aids in anti-aging, and it brings life into the skin!