Apply Organic serums and Protect your Skin from Aging

“IGY” Organic serums which are used as skin serums are made of ingredients which are purely natural. When applying these serums, the skin gets a better complexion, more firmness and younger appearance. The “IGY” Organic serums are 100% free of synthetic products as well as chemicals so that these products will have no negative effects on the skin. The natural ingredients of “IGY” Organic serums include anti aging essential oils, vitamins and essential fatty acids. These essential oils hydrate as well as nourish the skin. The skin is benefited in several ways as a result of application of the “IGY” Organic serums. Just by applying a few drops of these products we get exciting results. Apart from protecting the skin from the symptoms of aging, these natural skin care products prevent formation of dry skin, completely cure acne and facilitate the production of collagen. Those who are in search of natural remedies to get rid of the wrinkles from their skin and make the skin spear soft, supple and fresh, are assured of the best results within the shortest period of time by using “IGY” Organic serums that are rich in anti aging essential oils.
Organic facial serums

“IGY” Organic serums are the most ideal products for facial applications. These facial serums provide quick relief from redness and irritation. These serums maintain the natural oils of the skin without causing dehydration of the skin. The serums will cleanse the skin, prevent clogging of the pores and balance the skin oils with anti aging essential oils that are present in the ingredients of the serum such as Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Carrot seed oil. The essential fatty acids that are present in the “IGY” Organic serums promote exfoliation so as to produce more new skin cells and thereby smoothing the skin by way of reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. Since these are antimicrobial serums, they are effective in the treatment of various skin conditions also. The anti aging essential oils that are present in Coconut Oil, Rosehip Oil and Brazil Nut oil are very effective in erasing the dry patches and providing smooth texture to the skin.
Suitable to all types of skin
The “IGY” Organic serums which contain precious anti aging essential oils can ensure antioxidant protection of the skin and also these serums repair the skin barrier. The essential oils present in these serums are very light so that they will be quickly absorbed by the skin. These oils are highly nourishing and they are ideal for oily as well as combination skin. The anti aging essential oils which are present in the “IGY” Organic serums effectively reduce inflammation and also keep the sebum normalized.